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Multi-Channel Tracking

We can track all inbound communications from any type of channel. It could be a printed piece or a dynamic Google Ad campaign.

Dynamic Technology

We can swap out in real-time a phone number on any web application or site to directly track the source and if from an advertising campaign - the campaign name + keyword.

Complete Conversion Tracking

Understand where your calls come from to help know what works and what needs improvement for marketing.

All Track Call Plans Include

We become an extension of your business

Caller Identification

Know who called, where they are located, and how they got there - for a full caller ID report.

Dynamic Numbers

Swap out phone numbers in real-time to track sources based on inbound traffic.

Multi-Channel Tracking

All of our agents excel and strive to be the best representation of your company. All of our agents are friendly and courteous on every call.

Real Time Tracking

As soon as the call comes in it appears in the dashboard - you can see calls in progress and all alerts come immediately after the call ends.

Custom Smart Alerts

Send alerts by email or text to representatives on information you need based on specific rules.

Live Listen

Listen to calls as they are happening as well as full transcripts of the call.

Geo Routing Rules

Relay calls to specific representatives based on what geographic location the call comes from.

Google Analytics Integration

Connect your Google Analytics account to show call tracking data as conversions and goals.

Scheduled Routing

Schedule by time, day, inbound source, and location where the call will forward to.


We offer Flexible Answer Pricing Options


  • 4 Unique Phone Numbers
  • 400 Minutes
  • Custom Forwarding Rules
  • Real-time Tracking
  • Unlimited Rules and Alerts
  • Dynamic Tracking


  • 8 Unique Phone Numbers
  • 1000 Minutes
  • Custom Forwarding Rules
  • Real-time Tracking
  • Unlimited Rules and Alerts
  • Dynamic Tracking


  • 24 Unique Phone Numbers
  • 3000 Minutes
  • Custom Forwarding Rules
  • Real-time Tracking
  • Unlimited Rules and Alerts
  • Dynamic Tracking


  • 36 Unique Phone Numbers
  • 4500 Minutes
  • Custom Forwarding Rules
  • Real-time Tracking
  • Unlimited Rules and Alerts
  • Dynamic Tracking

Frequently Asked Questions

Live Answer Questions and Answers
Can you track offline and online sources?
Yes! We can track any phone number no matter where of how it is used.
Can you track organic, social and online advertisng by the keyword?
Yes, we can track all inbound advertsing campaigns to identify which source, campaign, ad group, and keyword triggered the visitors call!
How do I receive my tracked calls?
We can email and/or text messages to the representatives in your company.
How many people can receive call alerts?
We can setup as many people as you would like to receive alerts. We can also setup a myriad of rules on when and how these alerts are sent.
Can I use my own number?
We can use one of your numbers if we port that number into Answer TXI's system.
Can more than one person receive the message?
Yes. We can send a message to more than one person simultaneously, or send it in an order to other contacts if the initial contacts cannot be reached.
Do you offer Toll-free phone numbers?
Yes, we offer all variants of Toll-free numbers.
Do you provide a number for me to forward to?
Yes. Answer TXI will provide a phone number that you will use to forward your calls. We can get multiple numbers same day for any area code or toll-free number.
Do you have a plan that fits my needs?
We offer several plans to meet your needs. We also offer custom rates for our services to meet your specific needs.
Do I need to commit to a long term contract?
Answer TXI does not have long-term contracts. We have a written Service Agreement and Terms and Conditions providing for a minimum of one month’s service, with 30 days written notice of cancellation.
Are you HIPAA compliant?
Yes we are! Our call tracking is HIPAA compliant.
Are you PCI compliant?
Yes we are! Our call tracking is PCI compliant.
How long does it take to get started?
For most new accounts we can on-board and activate within 24-72 hours after we gather the account information. Give us a call at (855) 304-7474 and together we will discuss your specific needs and tailor a solution that’s just right for your company.